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Only problem with the "Bill Box" theory is that trains haven't run with Waybills for 25 years. EDI (electronic data interchange) killed Waybills several decades ago. The only "paperwork" required for trains today is documentation for cars with HazMat placards and, if HazMat is being handled, a train consist or other "train placement document." Conductors don't even write up Wheel Reports anymore. 

The mail box may be used for the relaying Air Brake Test slips. (A block of cars, once charged and given an Initial Terminal Brake Test, can be picked up and placed in another train without another Initial Terminal Test, under certain circumstances.) In the absence of an enclosure like this, most crews just wrap that document in a plastic sandwich bag and leave it in the knuckle. (BTW, Initial Terminal Air Brake Tests are now called Class I Brake Tests, subsequent to the revision of the Air Brake Regulation about a dozen years ago... but old terminology dies hard.) 

The other possibility is that some industry (mine?) leaves switching orders for the crew in the mail box, but I doubt that such would be placed between live tracks. 

My guesses. 

-- abram burnett 

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