N&W Signal Painting Practices

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Here are some questions; perhaps someone will know the answers. 

1. We know that early signals (and maybe even the early PL's) were painted entirely black, all the way to the ground. And we know that "aluminum paint" was first introduced sometime in the late 1930s. And we know that, at some point, the N&W began painting the bottom portion of signal masts (the bottom half, or so) with the new "aluminum paint" (which is today called "Silver Rustoleum.") So, when did N&W introduce "aluminum paint" for signal applications? 

2. Before steel was used for signal cases, they were fabricated from oak tongue-and-groove. In what color were the old wooden cases painted? 

(My theory is that when PL signals were bought, new steel cases were bought, too. I hired in 1964, and all the cases I ever saw were steel, even on the branch lines.) 

3. Finally, I'm still looking for the year PL signals were installed on the Punkin Vine. One old Conductor told me it was 1928 (?) but I have always questioned that information. 

-- abram burnett 

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