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As information, two issues are being addressed below.
First developed when NS and CSX purchased Conrail and divided up the  
Conrail equipment.  In order to avoid duplicate reporting markings with the  
Association of American Railroads (AAR) reporting system, it was agreed  that 
CSX would add PRR to the unique number of the equipment they  acquired.  NS 
would not add anything to the equipment they acquired in the  division of 
Conrail equipment they received in the purchase.
Second, Norfolk Southern and its predecessor Southern Railway used the sub  
lettering on their locomotives to visually identify ownership under the  
Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) identification standards.  They use to  
go further and have metal plates attached to the locomotives and other 
equipment  which identified the entity, normally a bank, that had financed the  
purchase.  Although they are now probably retired, other Southern sub  
letterings  besides CNO&TP included AGS, S&A, CofG, NS (after  Southern purchase of 
the "original NS" in 1974)   G&F, and  G&SF, to name a few. SOU ownership 
locomotives did not have any sub  lettering.
Finally, I'm not sure that "Southern purchased the N&W,"  ever, although I 
always enjoyed telling everybody that, especially after Ed  Burwell sent me 
to the N&W coal piers at Lamberts Point and I had to relearn  all the 
operating and safety rules for the N&W!
Bill Browder
SOU, NS, NRPC, and AAR Retired
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To add to the info Russ provided,  the two railroads N&W and  Southern were 
holdings of the Norfolk Southern Corporation.  In the end  Southern 
purchased the N&W and several years later renamed itself the  Norfolk Corporation.  
The main idea of the sub lettering is to identify  the owner of the loco, 
car or other equipment.  Even last year I  photographed a loco-crane lettered 
N&W.  If you will remember when NS  and CSX split Conrail you saw the PRR 
for NS and NYC for CSX while the cars  were still lettered Conrail.
the one subletter you will continue to see is CNOTP which is held by the  
City of Cinncinnati which still owns the line south out of that city.  
Southern leased and NS continues to lease it,  NS has tried to buy  it but since 
tax revenues are down the city knows NS will make the lease  payments while 
is guaranteed income.

With the C36-7's and C39-8's purchases these were still done by the  N&W,  
Southern purchased the SD50's and SD60's until the second C39-8  order.  It 
basically comes down to an accounting dept. thing.

James Wall

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In addition to the C39-8's numbered 8550-8613, that were delivered to  NS 
with NW sublettering, the C36-7 Ph. II's were delivered the same way.  Their 
number series is 8531-8542. No EMD's were delivered with NS paint and  NW 

The H49's and H50's were the only coal cars built new with NS leterring  
and NW reporting marks. NS has rebuilt several classes of H11R's and  
repainted them NS with NW reporting marks. Any other cars that have the NS  logo and 
NW reporting marks are repaints.

Russ Goodwin 
Buford, GA 

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Hello, I've know of some  equipment bought new after the 82 NS merger that  
featured NW reporting marks. The best examples of this I know of are the 
H49  and H50 hoppers and the GE C39-8s.  The C39-8s not only had NW marks,  
but another order had SOU and some had straight NS markings, I think.  Can 
someone please explain why some things bought after the merger  still received 
NW and SOU markings, and what other equipment received NW  markings? 

Thanks, Evan  Miller

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