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Lot of power plants have this up in the coal bunker room to take coal from  
the conveyers and put in the bunkers.
K. Borg
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It  is a belt conveyor with a tripper car. The tripper car rides on a pair 
of  rails either side of the conveyor. The belt is looped up onto the car 
and  discharged through a side chute. They are fairly common in material 
handling  situations where you need to discharge at multiple points along the 
length of  the conveyor. Do an internet search for “belt conveyor tripper car” 
and you  can find a lot of information about them. 
Danial  Fisher 
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While looking  through old N&W photographs I ran across the attached photo. 
 Does  anyone have any information on the coal loading equipment pictured?  
This  would make a unique modeling subject but I can’t find anything about  
Thanks for your  help. 

See image / data at  Virginia Tech imagebase:
For larger image:

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