N&W Signal Statistics, January 1, 1910

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>From Signal Engineer magazine, June 1910, vol. 3, page 15. 

Miles of Automatic Block Single Track - 4.1 miles 
Miles of Automatic Block Double Track - 134.2 miles 

Miles of Single Track NOT Automatic Block Signaled - 1345.1 miles 
Miles of Double Track NOT Automatic Block Signaled - 161.7 miles 

ELECTRO-PNEUMATIC semaphores in service on 0.7 miles of track, 0.7 miles of road 
ELECTRIC semaphores in service on 136.7 miles of road, 271.8 miles of track 

Signals at Normal CLEAR on 145.7 miles of road, 255.4 miles of track 

Number of Block Sections: 144 

-- abram burnett 

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