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We typically scan slides at 4800 dpi RGB with ICE for dust removal and un-enhanced (unless you are using a Nikon Cool Scan that has era-specific  Kodachrome color corrections built in).  That gives an author/layout person some space to zoom and crop for use in an article at 300 dpi.  One needs to print a 8 x 10 or 8.5 x 11 at 300 dpi.  Might want to ask Kevin EuDaly about what he needs. 
Al Kresse 

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I would like to donate a few of 35 mm original Kodachrome slides of N&W 
engines at the end of the steam era. 

Is there any general criteria for the image? Obviously some are better than 
others within the archives, but there seems to be no general standard for 
an image. 

I have them scanned in already at a good resolution, so I would like to 
donate both the original slides and the digital images. 

Some of these are already on Railpictures.net, but I would like the 
originals and digital copies to go to the Archives for preservation. 

Jeff Lisowski 

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