N&W Divisional Structure in 1893

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The 1893 "Proceedings of the Association of American Railroads - Operating Division," "List of Active Members" (pp.65-69,) lists the following. (The "Roanoke Division" is the old Roanoke & Southern RR.) 

E.L.DuBary, Supt Eastern Division, Crewe 
Theo. Low (sic) - Supt Durham Division, Lynchburg 
James C. Cassell - Supt Lynchburg Division, Roanoke 
J.W. Cook - Supt Shenandoah Division, Shenandoah 
Thos. H. Branford - Supt Roanoke Division, Roanoke 
John G. Osborne - Supt Pulaski Division, Radford 
N.D. Maher - Supt Clinch Valley and Pocahontas Divisions (sic,) Bluefield 
D.H. Barger - Supt Kenova Division, Kenova 

And, to throw a bone to the Venerable Mr. H. Bundy of this List, A.M. Hawkins was shown as the Superintendent of the Pamlico Division of the Norfolk & Southern Railroad (sic.) :-) 

-- abram burnett 

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