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It is indeed a late application. Up here on the Hagerstown District the only
time I have heard that called is at (New) Ashby VA, when a train to
Shenandoah VA is  coming out of the siding at MP H-57 it will call
"Diverging Approach Diverging" as the track to Manassas at Riverton Junction
is considered to be straight ahead.

Mason Cooper


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Rule 283-B (Diverging Approach Diverging) was a late-comer to N&W's

signal rules.  So I was told, it had application on the Lake Region.

in rule classes, the instructor will give an example where such a signal

is located. By my recollection, there was an example on Cleveland 

Terminal.  But look at the INDICATION -- "Proceed through turnouts

or turnouts at prescribed speed preparing to take diverging route

beyond next signal AT PRESCRIBED SPEED".   Note the emphasis.


The interlocked crossovers may be good for 30 MPH, but beyond

the interlocking might be an interlocked junction good for only

15 MPH.


In looking at the Pokey Division track chart, the westbound

home signals near Depot Street also govern the junction

to the CV District.  There is no interlocked signal where

the CV District diverts from the PD District.   Harry Bundy 


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