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I think Jim's trying to cross over once, but got the mains flipped. The 
mast signal is #62L on the (WB) Main 2 and the cantilever is #58L on the 
(EB) Main 1.

Grant Carpenter
On 11/26/2014 3:59 PM, NW Mailing List wrote:
> Jim Cochran asked:
>> If a Westbound is preparing to depart Bluefield on main 1 and the crossover
>> turnout is set for him to crossover to main 2 and the next turnout is set
>> for him to head down the Clinch valley, what aspect will he see at that
>> funky signal that has both a cantilever for main 2 and a single mast for
>> main 1?  Will it show Diverging Approach Diverging?
> I believe the signal would show Stop (and stay), because I don't think that
> is a realistic route. Hopefully one one our signal maintainer members will
> correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think the field signal hardware would
> actually allow a route to be lined through the control point if both
> crossovers between double track mains are both reversed, even if it is a
> 'physically possbile' route. Even if it was, it would not show Diverging
> Approach Diverging for that case, since all the turnouts/switches/crossovers
> are included within a single control point, and Diverging Approach Diverging
> means you are diverging at both this and the next control point.
> For the westbound signals at Bluefield VA, the cantilever is for main 1,
> the single mast is for main 2. Whether the westbound train is approaching
> on main 1 or main 2, the respective signal will display the same indication
> to a train routed to the Clinch Valley:
> Diverging Apporach: If not lined at Graham (Graham showing Stop).
> Diverging Clear: If lined main to main at Graham (Graham showing Clear or Approach).
> Diverging Approach Diverging: If lined main to siding at Graham (Graham showing Diverging Approach)
> In other words, it doesn't matter how many switches you are diverging through
> at a single control point, you won't get a Diverging Approach Diverging unless
> you will be diverging at the NEXT control point as well (and not leaving CTC
> before you get there).
> Joe Shaw
> Christiansburg, VA

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