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I am not aware of this aspect being used in this situation, at least 
with CPL's. Diverging Approach Diverging can be applied here, but not 
because of a crossover followed by a facing-point junction--both are 
within the same interlocking, governed by the one westward signal on 
each main that you mentioned. Diverging Approach Diverging is displayed 
on the first of two consecutive signals, both controlled and lined for a 
diverging route. In effect, the first signal displays two indications, 
Diverging Clear and Approach Diverging, in this one aspect. The second 
(next) signal would be the home (controlled) signal at the east end of 
the siding at Furnace, displaying Diverging Approach. So a WB on either 
main would see a Diverging Clear if the CV main is clear to the west end 
of Furnace, a Diverging Approach if the CV main is clear to the east end 
of Furnace, and a Diverging Approach Diverging if clear to the west end 
of the siding.

Much like Approach Restricting discussed earlier, the N&W seemed to find 
little, sustained use for Approach Diverging Approach after adopting it 
late. In both cases, the established, more conservative aspects of 
Approach and Diverging Approach, respectively, were often used/retained 

Happy Thanksgiving

Grant Carpenter
On 11/25/2014 7:34 AM, NW Mailing List wrote:
> If a Westbound is preparing to depart Bluefield on main 1 and the 
> crossover turnout is set for him to crossover to main 2 and the next 
> turnout is set for him to head down the Clinch valley, what aspect 
> will he see at that funky signal that has both a cantilever for main 2 
> and a single mast for main 1? Will it show Diverging Approach Diverging?
> Jim Cochran

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