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Both Diverging Approach Diverging and Approach Diverging signals speak of taking a diverging route beyond the next signal. Is there a signal between the crossover from main 1 to main 2 and the switch leading to the Clinch Valley? If not, I don't believe those indications would apply.
Perhaps either Diverging Clear, or Diverging Approach (if the movement is to be prepared to stop at the next signal - wherever that is).
I may be all wrong, since I'm not familiar with this location. I'm just trying to make an educated guess by reading the rules. This is from reading both N&W Ry signal and NS signal rules. 
I look forward to other comments. Thanks,
Jeff Sanders
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If a Westbound is preparing to depart Bluefield on main 1 and the crossover turnout is set for him to crossover to main 2 and the next turnout is set for him to head down the Clinch valley, what aspect will he see at that funky signal that has both a cantilever for main 2 and a single mast for main 1?  Will it show Diverging Approach Diverging?Jim Cochran
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