Christiansburg N&W CPLs Going, Going, . . .

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Evan - 

I'd try to get to the Pokey before the spring if you want to shoot the signal bridges at Elkhorn Tunnel. There was hardware on site at the east portal several weeks ago for a new Safetran cantilever structure. 

I haven't heard anything official on the west portal, but I have to believe it's probably not far behind. 

Jeff Hawkins 

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I'd really like to be able to own a signal some day, but for now I just wanna catch the remaining CPLs in service. I hope in the spring or summer I'll be able to travel to the Pokey and catch any that are standing then, especially if the ones at Elkhorn Tunnel are still standing then. Also, are there any at all CPLs standing in Kentucky? 

-Thanks, Evan Miller 
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