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Tue Nov 18 17:04:09 EST 2014

Had a depressing lunch in Christiansburg today, to confirm what I thought I
had seen in the dark last week -- signal work is going on in ernest to
replace the iconic N&W signals at one of the best train-watching locations
on the Radford Division. You will still be able to sit at the station in
Cambria and see both eastbound and westbound signals, but it just won't be
the same. Towers have been erected at the three signal locations close to
the station. The cantilever with new signals has been mounted for the
eastbound "Christiansburg" signals and will probably be installed this
afternoon for the westbound signals at "Pelton." The cantilever with
signals for the westbound "Christiansburg" signal is on the ground adjacent
to that signal and will probably be installed later this week. Based on the
orange conduit pipe and cable scraps in a dumpster on the site, quite a bit
of wiring work has been done there, too. The "Christiansburg" signals
protect the crossover from main 1 to main 2 (EB to WB) at 289.7, which is
used to cross eastbound stack trains to run reverse main to and through
Montgomery Tunnel. The "Pelton" signals at 290.5 protect the opposite
crossover from main 2 to main 1 (WB to EB). The eastbound signals for
"Pelton" (visible from the N. Franklin St. bridge) were converted to Darth
Vaders several years ago. It was inevitable, but still sad.

Bruce in Blacksburg

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