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Unfortunately, no. There were a few whistle posts left in place, but I only
saw two, near Rice. None of them were to the N&W design, and looked to have
been placed there fairly recently.

My friend and I were talking about how they should put old CPL signals on
the old signal stands (and rebuild the signal stands that were replaced).
That would add lots of character to the line, and show people like you
where the sidings were.

If you go onto Google earth, you can go through and look at the old
birds-eye view from as far back as 1992. That should help answer your

~Jonah Collins

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> Jonah -
> Thanks for the feedback.  I noticed that Google has documented the entire
> length of High Bridge Trail State Park and you can view it on their website
> using the "street view" feature.  By doing that, and with the assistance of
> old topographical maps, I was able to locate the signal bases at the west
> end of the siding at Prospect.  However I could not see anything were the
> east end was.
> Did you see any whistle posts during your bike ride?  I'd hate to think
> how of the cast iron N&W whistle posts they removed and sent to the scrap
> yard.
> I know of several mileposts that were removed.  The N138 used to sit right
> next to one of the crossing gates at Moran Road.  I've also noted the N165
> is gone along with the N161 that stood across from the depot at Prospect.
> Some signal bases were left in place but many were removed.
> Overall I'm disappointed with the amount of infrastructure they removed
> during the abandonment and transformation process.  It would have really
> added some character to at least have left all of the mileposts in place.
> Jeff Hawkins
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>  Hello, Jeff.
>> I recently cycled the rail trail there.
>> They left all the old signal bases and milepost markers alongside the
>> trail, so if you wanted to, you could find out where the milepost it
>> started and ended. Then figure out how far each signal stand is from the
>> mileposts.
>> Unfortunately, that is all the information I have on this.
>> ~Jonah Collins
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>> wrote:
>>  I've got a few questions rearding the now abandoned mainline that ran
>>> between Burkeville and Pampin via Farmville. There was a passing siding at
>>> Prospect.  Can anyone provide the name of each interlocking and what their
>>> respective milepost designation was?  There appears to have been a short
>>> passing siding at Farmville and possibly one at Rice as well.  I pose the
>>> same question about those sidings to the group.  Any idea when they were
>>> removed from service?
>>> Jeff Hawkins
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