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Sun Jul 13 13:18:32 EDT 2014

Curiosity question regarding mis-matched tenders when going to the scrapper:

Why did the RR's put different tenders behind the locomotives when they
awaiting their last trip before oblivion? The N&W wasn't unique to this
practice as I have seen it in many cases. In many of them, it was the same
class tender and not just taken for use elsewhere on the RR and it was
apparently a fairly prevalent practice.

Why was this done? Seems to have been oil burners as well as coal burners,
with and without stokers. ad nauseum. There has to be a reason, but what?

One classic comes to mind having seen a photo of the lone Southern
streamlined engine and a totally different tender, all lined up, elephant
style awaiting hauling to the scrapper.

Bob Cohen
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