Arthur Tunnel and Old V&T Line

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Thanks for the information. So, was the old alignment possibly used
as a detour around that tunnel while it was daylighted? I guess that
is the main question I have.

At the archives Saturday, I came across drawing 10736.
This drawing was too large for filing and had never been
put in the data base. It shows alignment changes from
Mile Post 281 (across from the Shawsville depot) to
Mile Post 282.65 and it's dated June 3, 1921. As of that
date, it shows that the old line was still in place and that
the proposed alignment diverted 370 feet west of Mile
Post 282. A temporary track was planned, including two
temporary trestles, from that point to Mile Post 281.8 (+ or -).

So chronologically, Tunnel #4 was daylighted and double-
tracked before the present alignment through Arthur
was completed. Harry Bundy

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