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I'm a bit confused here.

I understood that all steam was gone from the Shenandoah Division by the end of February of 1957. I understand that the servicing facilities were being removed rapidly not long after that last run. The train sheet date showed 6/15, but the Js were not replaced with the leased units until late July of 1958.

From the records, all the local service with the Js seemed to be concentrated on the far east end between Norfolk and Crewe and the far west end of the railroad. In addition, all the other train movements which are dated in June, shown on the partial sheet that you sent are steam, that hardly fits with the last run in early 1957.

Unfortunately, my collection of employee timetables of that era is a bit lacking in some areas. However Norfolk Division No. 12, effective January 1, 1958 had no freight tonnage ratings for the Class J, but in No. 13, effective June 15, 1958 ratings were in place, there was no rating in either Radford Division timetable No. 12 or No. 13. Since the Js were still in regular passenger service until late July, obviously someone was anticipating the downgrade to local service. The closest Shenandoah Division timetable I have is not until No. 15, effective April 25, 1959 which only has ratings for diesels.

Can you enlighten us a bit more?

Ken Miller

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> NW group,

> Rick is correct about Shenandoah Junction. (Ben, are you coming up to do the signals for the siding work?), and FYI the train sheets in my possession that show the Class J 606 working into Shenandoah was dated after they had been replaced in passenger service by the borrowed ACL & RF&P units. It was apparently running out serviceable miles in local freight service.

> Mason Cooper

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