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My understanding of the W class is that many were modified to tank engines and had their front truck removed to make 0-8-0T for shop goats.  The 4-8-0 had better road capability etc with the 4 wheel lead truck.  I think maybe tonnage increases outran the W tractive effort, too.
And my wife is darling, too.
Mike Shockley

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My darling wife gave me a book on N&W steam locomotives for Christmas,
complete with plans and photos of most of the later classes.  In
addition to the engines I'm already familiar with, I learned about one
I'd never seen before.  W class 2-8-0.  They reminded me (forgive me, I
have a Southern Ry. background) of Southern's J or K class
Consolidations, similar in size and with virtually identical frame and
driver dimensions.

So I have to wonder, why aren't the W class engines more popular? Have
any accurate models been produced?  Were they common engines around the
railroad?  Why don't they get any more love?  Even the G class seems
more popular.

Kenneth Rickman
Salisbury, NC

One thing about trains: It doesn't matter where they're going.  What matters is deciding to get on.

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