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They actually do have a way to allow a train to pass a Stop signal.
Either directly by dispatcher instructions and being governed
accordingly by the operating rules, or by configuring the signal to
display a Restricting. The majority of controlled signals don't have
that capability because it is just not necessary in most cases.


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>> I hear you, but I still have the question of why not? It seems like

>> this would add an unnecessary stop/delay in the case where one

>> movement is following another in the same direction, on the same route

>> through an interlocking. Any answers, comments, speculation would be

>> greatly appreciated.

> Well, with that kind of thinking, why have any absolute stop signal

> then? Why don't all traffic lights at intersections have flashing yellow

> lights? It is there because that is where they want you to STOP. It is

> a/_control point_/! In the days before rock and roll, if this signal was

> a STOP/and STAY, this is where you got off and called the dispatcher on

> the phone box to receive further instructions. Did you ever think that

> maybe the dispatcher has other plans for you and doesn't want you to

> follow the train ahead?


> Jimmy Lisle


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