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> I hear you, but I still have the question of why not? It seems like

> this would add an unnecessary stop/delay in the case where one

> movement is following another in the same direction, on the same route

> through an interlocking. Any answers, comments, speculation would be

> greatly appreciated.

Well, with that kind of thinking, why have any absolute stop signal
then? Why don't all traffic lights at intersections have flashing yellow
lights? It is there because that is where they want you to STOP. It is
a/_control point_/! In the days before rock and roll, if this signal was
a STOP/and STAY, this is where you got off and called the dispatcher on
the phone box to receive further instructions. Did you ever think that
maybe the dispatcher has other plans for you and doesn't want you to
follow the train ahead?

Jimmy Lisle
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