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Okay. I used your drawings to make up comparable versions of mine.
Draw up more and I'll sketch them out for you as I get time. Since
you are modeling the end of the steam era, you can use the 1952 rules
and you will be correct. Even in the early diesel era, you can get by
with position lights and be correct.

The model PRR signals are correct in appearance, with necessary
modifications of course. I tried building some one time, but my eyes
are not good enough to see that up close. So, I guess I'll keep
modeling in one scale!

Jimmy is right about the red signal. The signal cannot ordinarily
display a red on top over a dark signal head on the bottom, as that
would be an improperly displayed signal. It will be a red over
something else. If they set it up for a follow up move and allowed it
to give a restricting, a lower diagonal would be required. That is
also known as a restricting. I've included that diagram also.

Now, as for a red over a dark on an N&W signal, the reason they would
take that as a Stop signal is because that SOMETHING should be lit on
that bottom head if the top head is red, and the train crew knows
that. So, if the bottom is dark, then that's when they call me! If
we're lucky, a bulb will fix it. If a bulb doesn't fix it, then its
some other problem. And, THAT can get complicated!


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> Ben,

> Thanks for your drawings/information, they really help. If you have some

> more time and the inclination, I would sure appreciate it if you could

> continue to add the same type of information for additional situations

> (traffic wise). Below is another set of mine that need to be proofed by

> somebody who knows.


> [image: Inline image 1]


> [image: Inline image 2]

> Jim Cochran



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>> All,

>> Due to the recent heightened interest in N&W signals, I took some of

>> my old signal diagrams from the Arrow many years ago and drew up

>> something a little easier to understand.


>> The track on the left of the diagram has signals with 1952 signal

>> aspect rules, and the track on the right is the color era. Note: By

>> the 1980's, the interlocking numbers and S boards had been removed

>> from the controlled signals, so they are now gone.


>> I have three situations drawn up. One is a train proceeding west on

>> the main line and not taking the siding. The dispatcher would have to

>> request signals 70 left signal route and 66 left signal route. If no

>> trains are present ahead of it, the signals would display as such.


>> The second: Dispatcher has switch 65 (66 signal) and switch 69 (70

>> signal) requested reverse. Then dispatcher requests same as before,

>> 70 Left signal route and 66 Left signal route. Signals behave

>> accordingly.


>> The third: No signals requested, and no trains present.


>> I'll do more as time allows, and questions arise.


>> Ben Blevins


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