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As I remember, there was a through coach to Washington, because we rode it from Petersburg in 1955 (long layover in Richmond, but you didn't have to change cars). We must have ridden #4 from Bluefield to Petersburg, so the ACL train must have waited for the connection with #4. I don't remember, but it makes sense that the coach could have originated in Norfolk and gotten to Petersburg on #3. Is so, then the other switching move was the coach from Washington being switched to #4 for the return to Norfolk.
BTW: I think this explains the RF&P coach that shows up in photos of #15 and #16. They are balancing per diem, since the through coach to Washington was an N&W PM.
Jim Nichols

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>Trying to recall what type of cars were involved in a switch move

>back in the 1950s at Petersburg, Va. between the N&W west bound and

>east bound Pocahontas & the ACL Short Run.


>The move involved switching Norfolk connection cars off N&W train #3

>onto ACL train #32 and cars off of ACL train #27 onto N&W train #4.


>The ACL yard crew did the switching from #3 to #32, then the N&W

>crew completed the move to #4.


>Would you asked Harry or Ed for me if they recall anything about




>Thanks very much,


>Herman Wilkins

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