Northfork Branch signals

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Thu Aug 29 17:04:52 EDT 2013

I understand this stand signal type was used elsewhere, but was not common,
so specifics have been hard to come by--it's on the follow-up list.

I can pull notes together for an overview of Eckman operations, but my
timeframe is limited to the late forties to late fifties after decline had
already begun in the area. For a broader timeframe, I would recommend Alex
Schust's "Billion Dollar Coalfield," the Branch Line series and his book
"North Fork" with Mason Cooper, Mason's "N&W's Pocahontas Division" and
Louis Newton's continuing series "Rails Remembered" in the "Arrow." If you
have more specific questions, I might have more details, depending on the
topic. As always, corrections and additions to posts are most welcome.

Grant Carpenter

> Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2013


> Grant,

> Thanks very much for the great information about Northfork junction. Was

> that signal with two reds and a lunar just a short mast with three marker

> type lights in a stack, or some other arrangement? You seem to have some

> quite intimate knowledge of the operations in this area, could I impose

> upon you to share some more with me/us? My grandfather worked at Crumpler

> and I plan to model this area, so I am keenly interested in operations at

> Byrd yard and Eckmann as well as the mine runs to all the tipples.

> Thanks again,

> Jim Cochra

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