Large model Class J for sale

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I believe you’re talking gauge, not scale. The Scale would be 1.5 inches to the foot.

Duncan Herring in NC has built a 1.5” 611; I’ve ridden behind it on Bill Bryan’s railroad in Canton, Georgia. Herring has an N&W 1238 that he’s run on air and hopes to have it going this Autumn sometime. The 611 is gorgeous and the 1238 will be a real monster. I believe Herring has a website, something like Herring Machine Works.


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I believe a number of years ago, I saw an article in Trains about a club in the UK that had an “A” and a “J” in 7 ½” scale. Absolutely beautiful. The detail was amazing.

John Lisica

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The 8 tons would become a much larger number if the model had a steel boiler. I would also guess that a 15 in gauge J in steam would have had an astronomical price tag. $500K would only put a dent in it. In the UK at Stapleford Miniature Railway,
they operate a live steam NKP Berkshire and NYC Niagara on 10 1/4in gauge track [1:5 scale]. Unfortunately no N&W J. Please see ==>

I assume the power plant is there for moving the loco off the trailer to the display track. It makes a nice exhibition piece.

Jim Stapleton
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It's not a steam engine but a camouflaged diesel!! Go figure…

Walter Gay

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Don Guill, a machine shop owner in the Cincinnati area, built a custom replica of 611. He displays it at special events, like the Train Festival in Owosso. It has also appeared at VMT. Don is semi-retiring, and is selling this model.

The engine and tender are 36'5" long, 64" high, and 38" wide and it is 15" gauge. It weighs 16,000 pounds, and has a 135 HP Cummins diesel engine with a hydrostatic hydralic drive. It also has a sound system, generates smoke, and a forward camera.

Moving it requires a trailer, and he is including that in the package. The trailer itself is gorgeous, wrapped in a Bob Lyndall photo of 611. Pictures are at

For more information contact Cheri George at <cherigeorge at>

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