Large model Class J for sale

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You may be referring to the 7¼ in gauge Y6 (2174) at the Brighouse Halifax
Model Engineers site. I cannot remember the name of the builder, but he went
on to build a General locomotive.

I don’t remember his having built a J.

If you go onto the club site at <> ,
and click on the Open Days box you’ll see the locomotive.

He worked in engineering, and being a bachelor, spent every waking hour
building 7¼ scale locomotives. He lived with his elderly mother, and had,
what he considered to be the good fortune of losing his job. As he’d no
dependants, he was able to devote every waking moment to locomotive building
for pleasure. He was a really nice man, but I cannot remember his name.

Peter Prydderch, Stockport, UK


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I believe a number of years ago, I saw an article in Trains about a club in
the UK that had an “A” and a “J” in 7 ½” scale. Absolutely beautiful. The
detail was amazing.

John Lisica

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The 8 tons would become a much larger number if the model had a steel
boiler. I would also guess that a 15 in gauge J in steam would have had an
astronomical price tag. $500K would only put a dent in it. In the UK at
Stapleford Miniature Railway,
they operate a live steam NKP Berkshire and NYC Niagara on 10 1/4in gauge
track [1:5 scale]. Unfortunately no N&W J. Please see ==>

I assume the power plant is there for moving the loco off the trailer to the
display track. It makes a nice exhibition piece.

Jim Stapleton
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It's not a steam engine but a camouflaged diesel!! Go figure

Walter Gay

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Don Guill, a machine shop owner in the Cincinnati area, built a custom
replica of 611. He displays it at special events, like the Train Festival
in Owosso. It has also appeared at VMT. Don is semi-retiring, and is
selling this model.

The engine and tender are 36'5" long, 64" high, and 38" wide and it is 15"
gauge. It weighs 16,000 pounds, and has a 135 HP Cummins diesel engine with
a hydrostatic hydralic drive. It also has a sound system, generates
smoke, and a forward camera.

Moving it requires a trailer, and he is including that in the package. The
trailer itself is gorgeous, wrapped in a Bob Lyndall photo of 611. Pictures
are at

For more information contact Cheri George at <cherigeorge at>

- Moderator

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