Pullman Floor Plans

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8 section, 2 double bedroom, 2 compartment Pullman sleepers were pre WW II cars 1937-39.
In "Some Classic Trains" by Arthur Dubin there is a floor plan of the prototype car named Forward, built 1936.
It is on page 410.

On pages 244-245 of the same book, photos of 8-2-2 cars assigned to Santa Fe service, Pullman plan 4058A. Page 218, an interior photo of one in Rock Island service, Pullman plan 4058C

Looks like Santa Fe was the only owner of the 8-3-2 cars with "Blue" prefix, 19 cars, Pullman plan 4145, built 1947-48. There is a photo of Blue Flag, page 8 in "From Zephyr to Amtrak." I couldn't find a floor plan, but it looks like the premium bedrooms and compartments were placed in the center of the cars, with roomettes divided at each end, over the trucks.

--Rick Morrison
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