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/On 6/24/2013 2:13 PM, NW Mailing List wrote:

> /Jimmy,/

> /Now that the N&W guys have responded allow me to tell you what I

> think it is. /

> /This is obviously shot on formerly Southern territory though I cannot

> identify the exact spot of that last sequence with the signal.

> Southern has used a lot of GRS Trakode which because of the huge

> capacitors in the decoders would act just like this. The fact that

> these are positive signals does not mean they are home signals. These

> are back to back headblock automatic signals in non-CTC territory.

> It's the capacitors that are necessary for the operation that cause

> this characteristic, and it's not really a problem. Boilers and long

> hoods have nothing to do with it, at least on Southern./

> /Trakode was being eliminated in favor of electronic track circuits

> that do not have this characteristic. With the advent of PTC

> approaching, I expect the last of the Trakode to be gone in the next

> couple years. /

> //

> /John Marbury/

> /Buford, GA/

Thank you for the information.

Jimmy Lisle
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