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As a big fan of the N&W 4-8-0's I was wondering if any high quality engineering, or line drawing's (ala Mainline Modeler) exist.
I really don't have the skills to do THAT good of a job, if I end up drawing up a set as the masters as MLM did.
I'm specifically interested in the M class and the M2c's.
Both sides, variations and tenders is of course asking too much! LOL

I don't know why one of the model manufacturers doesn't do a rugged 4-8-0 mechanism that could be used for all the N&W M's, and all the variation in tenders over the decades, so those tenders could be used behind other N&W smaller power as upgrades. I'd like to see a pre-streamlined Y and A class tender too. I made one from an "Excursion era" A tank with coal bunker stolen from a Powerhouse Y3 tender. Behind my Y5, #2092, it looks pretty good. Sorry for the dark sense of humor…

Mark Lindsey
y3a at earthlink.net

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