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Really great shots. K. Borg

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Having worked many hours over the past few weeks, I decided it was time
for a break. So this past weekend I took off to the NS Pocahontas District
with my Dad (a Non-Railfan) and his Cousin Dwayne (Railfan and N&W historian
much like myself)in tow. We met up with Mike Saverino at the Elkhorn Inn,
where we stayed for Friday and Saturday Nights.

On Saturday night, good friend Mack Muir and his buddy Howard Lanham
appeared. Through out the weekend we all had a blast, and I had a much needed
chance to unwind and cut lose.

Photography was not the priority as much as just unwinding. As a result
there are some crummy shots but anyways here are the results.


Nathan Simmons

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