Wakefield, VA train order office

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Probably, it's more evident in the Rural Retreat photo -- in the early 1900's, railroads often
furnished the agent with a residence and the 2nd story may be it.

The Interstate Commerce Commission made an inventory at Rural Retreat on
Feb. 8, 1917. The Inventory of furniture shows only cuspidors, typewriters,
office chairs (4), a safe, and other items, but nothing about residential house
furniture, so apparently it was NOT the residence of the agent. The tower is shown
as 15.5' X 15.5' X 32' X 36'
It's identified as a TYPE W-102 (with tower).

Inventory made at Wakefield, VA on March 7, 1917 identifies the station as Type W-102
and the cupola as 7.4' X 7.4' X 9'A Harry Bundy


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