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As to station rebuilding or modification, this would be by AFE-
authorization for expenditure- as decided for a year's budget.

Based on my experience, stations were modifiied with plumbing upgrades or
the addition of electrical lighting by the needs of the customer or the
availability of water and sewerage systems in the local community and the
ready availabilty of electrical power supply, either commercial or off of
the N&W signal system poles. The earliest for electircal or plumbing
upgrades seem to be in the early 1920's. Being near a big city matters;
the upgrades seems to mimic the timing of the creation of public

There seems to have been no systematic upgrade program. AFE's seem to be
stand-alone files; there is no one spot for all station AFE''s. The
Archives may or may not have any applicable AFE's for a given station or
stations. The AFE file would have the cost and justification for the
change plus some drawings for the changes- MAYBE. With many stations
being changed in the 1920's, the relevant AFE's may have been discarded
long ago.

Gary Rolih
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