train today at 3:05 pm

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That is a great story! But, do you think we can really believe Harold on that one!!! 

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Even though it is a little earlier than it usually runs, it sounds like you saw the "Trash Train". That is the "WasteLine Express" which is operated Mon-Fri, usually around 6-7pm. It caries the trash from Roanok & Roanoke County from the Trash Station in downtown Roanoke (at the east end of the former Roanoke Shops. The train runs to the  Smith Gap Landfill, which is on a branch off the former Virginian Ry, about a 20 mile run each way. The cars are top loaded at Roanoke and rotory dumped at Smith Gap.
Jeff Sanders

The Milwaukee Road operated two passenger trains between Chicago and The Twin
Cities - The Morning Hiawathaand The Afternoon Hiawatha.  On the Chicago
station's board showing Scheduled  Arrivals and Departures, these trains were
shown as A. M. Hiawatha and P.M. Hiawatha.  When Chicago first used railroads
to haul trash to the dump sites following the day's collections, the railroaders concocted
a name for the run -- the P.M.B.M.  Harold Davenport told me about this.
Now Roanoke has it's own P.M.B.M.                        Harry Bundy

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