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Sometime after the VGN/N&W merger, N&W started concentrating the
"problem children" on Norfolk Terminal. The General Foreman, "Speedy"
Bradley had come up through the ranks from Island Yard. Before Pier 6 was
completed, about one in every three coal trains went to Sewells Point. When
the coal was needed, "Speedy" would use two H16-44s to go lite from Lamberts
Point to Sewells Point and pick up 160 loaded cars to haul back. Even after
Pier 6 became operational, Sewells Point remained a temporary parking lot.

By 1970, this had become a real problem because exhaust from the FM's was
setting right-of-way fires. Bradley told me that the problem was the inability
of what he described as a "belt" to adequately disburse the exhaust. It got
so bad that he put out a smoker's list to be used by the locomotive dispatch
office. Smokers weren't allowed to make the Sewells Point turn. Harry Bundy

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