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Skip watches this list, and I'm betting that even without a formal request
he'd be happy to ask the Brethren [sidebar: Paul Weber and I had the
privilege of sitting in on a Wednesday night with the Brethren on our way
to the Lynchburg convention last year. Great bunch of guys, and a mine of
information.] But I'll make a formal request anyhow.

Frank Bongiovanni

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>> I would guess that the reputation of FMs (and Alcos)to make more smoke

>> than "average" has some basis, but I haven't seen the hard data.


> Frank,

> Maybe Skip can ask some of his brethren about the FM smoking problems.

> The Train Master was one engine that I never got to run. A few were around

> Roanoke when I hired on, but, they never made it up the valley and the slug

> program was well underway.

> Maybe I have written about this before, but, I will relate a comment

> that Freeman Meadows told me about them. When I asked him about the T/M's,

> he said that you could stand on the ground at the front steps, have the

> engineer wind the engine up, release the brakes and by the time the rear

> steps got to you, it would be going so fast that you couldn't catch on.

> Maybe the brethren could comment on that too.

> I've been known to catch up on units going pretty fast, but honestly,

> with the way the steps were configured, I wouldn't want to try that either!



> Jimmy Lisle

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