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Thanks for the help. Amazing the “unknowns” that linger from the VGN, but also I marvel at the information and help I’ve gotten to questions on this and the few other (O Scale) lists that I monitor. So if any VGN fans get to the DFW area and call ahead, you’ll likely see some leased Pennsy hoppers in red with VGN reporting marks mixed into the trains.


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Mike; this just got beat up on another list, and has been discussed on other lists. Our best information so far, and we eagerly accept better information, is that the Bowser H21 hopper in red lettered for VGN is a pure guess. We do not have good information as to whether or not they were repainted during the 18(?)months that VGN leased them, and, probably because it was during the war, no pictures have surfaced in spite of multiple requests on multiple lists. If Atlas has some better information we'd love to know what it is and where they got it.

Frank Bongiovanni (retreating again to the bunker).

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And, just so O Scale (of course, the king of scales - ha ha) is not left out, Atlas O is producing the H21 in N&W and VGN in O scale as well. I tired to get everyone a link to the atlas o scale site but tonight can't - I suspect the storm has impacted the atlas servers. Brings up the hope and prayer that none of our fellow model railroaders - of any scale - are too badly damaged by the storm.

So a question for the group. The Atlas models in O scale are painted Pennsy hopper red with VGN logo and lettering - not black. Anyone know if that is accurate?

Michael Ross
Ft Worth, TX
also go to and check out the layout visit section - there is a short video of trains on my VGN layout.

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