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There are several books that include N&W China, china and silver are generally considered as two different kinds of collectibles, so they are handled separately in books:

Rather than retype the list here, I'd suggest you go to:
and study the list of books.

In my opinion, McIntyre's book (last on the book list for china) is by far the best on china, published 1990 with some updates available. Dining on Rails by Dick Luckin includes patterns for the Hotel Roanoke, but are generally not considered as railroad china. For silver flatware and hollowware, you should probably acquire both books listed there.

However, if your main interest is in the N&W, the silver books are only minimal information, hardly a guide, short of a few example pieces. The flatware is a bit better covered, with examples in photos.

When I can get time, there will be some extensive photo coverage and a written section on N&W china and silver in my N&W Dining Car book. The book is written, now I just need to find the time to finish taking photos and get it laid out for publication. It will be far more detailed with more photos than any of the more general books.

Ken Miller

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> I am wondering if anyone on the list is aware of books published specifically on railroad china and/or silver which would include the same for Norfolk and Western china and silver. Thank you so much for your help.



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