Serial numbers on Virginian Railway lanterns

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A great-uncle, J.B. Cummings, was a Virginian engineer and encouraged my
granddad, W.R. Bloyd to leave Arkansas in 1923 and come to Victoria to work
for the Virginian. According to Granddad, shortly after he and Grandma
arrived in Victoria, J. B. lost a switch key and quit in a huff over the $8
fine. He and great-aunt Gaston left Victoria and he went to work for the
Western Maryland in Elkins, WVA, and eventually wound up in Utah with the Union
Pacific, from which he retired.

Greg Harrod

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Things like lanterns, rule books, & switch keys, were signed for on lots
of railroads. In some cases, if an employee lost a key, or lantern, he might
be charged a small fee to get another one from the company.

Good luck!

Jeff Sanders

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