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And from what I have heard the yeast still rises --- some of the time
in the region, although the purveyors of such industries have gotten
far more creative in how to acquire the required tools of the trade.
Lots of night time truck traffic when "in season."

Bob Cohen

> Moneta and Huddleston are actually in Bedford County and Leesville is in

> Campbell. Not sure about Stone Mountain the stop, but I believe the peak is

> in Greene County.


> The talk of the night was about a new film that will have its premier in

> Rocky Mount, VA this week, "Lawless" starring Gary Oldman. This movie is

> about nearby Franklin County's untaxed liquor "industry" and is based on

> Matt Bondurant's book "The Wettest County in the World." Each April you can

> attend the annual Moonshine Express tour in Rocky Mount, Va and visit

> locations where the "industry" thrived. The ABC boys have allowed some

> former craftsmen to set up an actual still and demonstrate this operation.

> You can buy a T-Shirt with "Franklin County, VA-The Moonshine Capital of the

> World" on it. The Brethren know of or have friends who took part in this

> "industry." Towns listed in Virginian Railway timetables located in Franklin

> County include, Moneta, Stone Mountain, Huddleston and Leesville.


> Skip:


I can't speak to the stations of Moneta, Stone Mountain, Huddleston or
Leesville, but because there were ten stations on the N&W in Franklin
County (Where the "moon" comes over the mountain in fruit jars), the
N&W's Auditor of Revenues was summoned to Rocky Mount in 1926 to show
tonnages for certain commodities received from Boone's Mill to a point
near Henry.

Statistically, it showed that Franklin County had terminated 90% more
yeast than the city of Richmond. Harry Bundy

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