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It was located just east (or north if on Clinchfield) of the St. Paul station. The small two story tower controlled the crossing of the Clinchfield and N&W using "armstrong" power. When the CRR added CTC in 51? 52? the tower was replaced by two switches controlled by the N&W operator at St. Paul. When the CRR dispatcher lined up the route for a NB to head toward Dante and coded it, the selected signal and switch lights on the very small CTC machine in St. Paul would flash, letting the operator there know that Erwin wanted that move. The N&W "man" actually threw the switches and cleared the signals, provided that nothing was coming on his road. Since three roads (L&N had trackage rights on the N&W) could be in the area at the same, this could be a very busy place. I was there in the 80s when five trains were trying to get thru at the same time. The Clinchfield dispatchers and trainmasters named the area "the Boody Triangle" and "Construction Junction" from Sesame Place fame.
Glenn Fisher

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Speaking of interlocking towers, does anyone have any information about the exact location of SX Tower, or any photos of it ? It was located between St. Paul and Boody on the Clinch Valley Line , 79.9 miles from Bluefield according to the employee timetables.

Paul Mandelkern

Winter Park, FL

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