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In a couple of threads, questions and comments have come up about
topographical (topo) maps. There are several sites across the web where one
can view and download maps, but the best one is one that lets you take
advantage of your tax dollars at work and gives access to a variety of
historical maps going back into the 1800s. You can order paper versions if
that is what you need, or you can download PDF versions of each map. Go to
the USGS Store at <> and click
away. Either search for a location or zoom in to a site, then stick a
marker on the map. Click on the marker to see what maps are available, then
download the one you want or add it to a bundle, which you then download as
one big zip file. The newest maps, the USTopo maps, come in layers and over
photo/satellite images of a quad with or without overlays that can be
turned on and off to show contours, roads and place names, etc. The U.S.
Geological Survey produces the data that pretty much every map is based on,
so you might as well go to the source (and it is free).

Bruce in Blacksburg
Webmaster, Frograil Rail Tours
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