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On page 107 (bottom) of Bill McClure's "Facilities..." book, there is an
undated picture of the Pamplin station taken looking west from a vantage
point just east of the two sets of signals. No tower shows in the picture,
which includes the area you describe from the drawing.

Bill's own picture on page 65 (bottom) from west of the station looking
east, dated June, 1981, "unfortunately" has a train blocking the view of the
north side of the tracks. However, it appears that the ground level drops
off quickly north of the tracks, and that there's a street underpass there
(VA Rt 47). Construction of the underpass could conceivably have erased
any evidence of a tower foundation (pure speculation, of course).
gsr) is interesting, as it does not show the underpass that's in Bill's
picture. However, it also does not show a building that would be a tower.
As simple as that interlocking appears always to have been, it may have
just been controlled from the station itself.

Significance, if any, of all this - unknown.

Of course, these don't prove "never was", but they're additional pieces of
evidence to consider.

Dave Phelps

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On our Saturday convention tour, one stop was at Pamplin. In the
beautifully restored station was a drawing (sketch - painting, whatever) from the
west end of the station looking east. Bob Leslie pointed out to me what
appears to be an interlocking tower on the north side of the tracks slightly
west of the station. Does anyone know of any photos of this tower? Did the
junction have a different name? A photo in the VT imagebase collection (using
Pamplin as a search; used in the Saturday handout) was quite possibly
taken from the tower. further thoughts, info appreciated.
Charlie Long

The audit for Pamplin was made in March, 1917 and shows two buildings
there -- a
combination freight/ passenger station and a toilet. Apparently Pamplin
didn't have inside
plumbing. This doesn't mean that there was never a tower there. The
inventory of
station furniture included a telegrapher's desk, which seems to indicate
the agent doubled
as an operator/leverman. There was also a Seth Thomas clock (valued at
$10). The
photo was made from the north side of the tracks and the format contained
the eastward
main track only, making it impossible to see what was beyond the station
on the north
side. There was one eye-catcher -- a semaphore located west of the depot
for the eastward
main track. Maybe this was pipe-connected to the station --- or maybe
there was indeed
an operator/leverman west of the depot.

The brick combination station there now was constructed in 1925. The
schedule pages from
1917 and 1930 Norfolk Div. timetables show only the name Pamplin. Harry

Harry Bundy

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