Interlocking tower locations- speaking of which...Saturday at Pamplin.........

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On our Saturday convention tour, one stop was at Pamplin. In the beautifully restored station was a drawing (sketch - painting, whatever) from the west end of the station looking east. Bob Leslie pointed out to me what appears to be an interlocking tower on the north side of the tracks slightly west of the station. Does anyone know of any photos of this tower? Did the junction have a different name? A photo in the VT imagebase collection (using Pamplin as a search; used in the Saturday handout) was quite possibly taken from the tower. further thoughts, info appreciated.
Charlie Long

In 1917, or thereabouts, the USRA made an inventory that included all railroad owned structures. N&WHS
archives has the inventory made on N&W. Most stations, towers, section houses, etc. have a photo that
goes along with the structure's dimensions, composition. Next trip to Salem Avenue, I'll see if there's
an entry for a tower at Pamplin. There may be no photo, but if there was a structure there in 1917, it'll
have paper work. For stations, it even shows how many typewriters, desks, seats, toilets.

And, uh, oh yes, thanks for the get-together.
Harry Bundy
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