PRR 2D5P Trucks on BEj and BEk Baggage cars?

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I sent an email to the N&WHS Archives email contact several days ago, but
haven't heard anything as of yet, so I am submitting this to the N&W list in
hopes of expanding the net a bit. Last year I inquired about the 1400
series baggage/storage mail cars when I was working on an evaluation report
for possibly acquiring one for TVRM that was facing the scrapper. Y'all
responded with a great amount of helpful information about what the N&WHS
archives contained, to which I am still very grateful. Unfortunately for
the car, it did not survive, but its wheels do. We determined that based on
the condition of the car and the fact that several examples of this car
survive in far better condition, that it just wasn't a good move for TVRM.

I am now working on another project for a fellow TVRM member that involves
the Pennsylvania RR 2D5P truck. As getting things from the PRR collection
in Harrisburg or Strasburg from the PA State Archives requires navigating
the bureaucracy and spending money just to find out what they have, I
thought I might contact y'all again to see if you could be of assistance. I
am looking for any and all drawings related to this truck, which the N&W
appears to have used under BEj and BEk class baggage/express cars. The
first question is to determine that the truck is indeed the PRR 2D5P truck.
The Commonwealth pattern number (casting number) is either V9252 or V9253.
The only difference is the pedestal opening size. If anyone can verify that
the truck is the same, what the N&W truck classification might have been,
and what you may have as far as drawings or details, we are willing to
purchase copies relevant to these trucks.

Thank you for any help or assistance you may be able to provide.

Michael Brown
3830 Portland Trail Drive
Suwanee, Georgia 30024
newriver400 at - email
404-433-1401 ­ cell

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