N&W in 1912--Three items: Serious injury, New siding, Painting

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New Siding at Nemours
A new siding is being put in at Nemours by the Norfolk arid Western to
accommodate the rock crusher people there. It is learned the management
of' the rock crustier expects to ship twelve car loads of their product just
as soon as the railway facilities now being added have been provided.

[Nemours was/is located a mile or so east of Bluestone, Mercer County, WV,
and named for the E. I. DuPont de Nemours & Co. that produced black powder
at that location from 1904 to about 1950 according to the Website
_http://www.bramwellwv.com/nemours.html_ (http://www.bramwellwv.com/nemours.html) .
The attached picture of the powder plant is from the "Nemours Powder Plant"
link on the same Website.]

The bramwellwv. site has an entry "Nemous Explosive Past". It notes
that on April 12, 1916,
there was an explosion that blew out glass storefronts in Bluefield.
On January 26, the same
year, there was an explosion at East Yard in Bluefield. PRR 559061
- black powder - had been
billled by Agent Hale at Powder (NeMours ?). It had been switched
into Track #6. Later, a cut
of 9 cars with two car riders was cut off for the same track. They
couldn't control the speed of
the cut and the coupling was estimated to be 8 MPH. PRR 559061
exploded. But Brakeman
Adams seemed to gain some bragging rights. It was s.o.p. to have one
car rider for every 7 cars,
but Adams stated he'd once ridden a 17-car cut into the yard . . . .
. .SOLO ! It's all in the DOT
library web site. Harry Bundy

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