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The C&O's main station was on E. Water St., built about 1905 and still
standing, though an earlier station may have been on the site. The Union
depot off Main St. that the C&O shared with the SR (now used by Amtrak) was
built a few years earlier, and remodeled about 1905-1910. I can't recall
when or why the C&O sold its Water St. station, but it has probably been
reported before in the C&O Historical Society magazine, an excellent

J. Kelling

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> C. Chamberlayne asked: "What was the station name for the downtown C & O

> station in Charlottesville?" It was named the Main Steet Station. It's

> telegraph call was MO. When scanner radios were a novelty in the 1970s,

> the yard personnel called the yardmaster "Mm-Oh."


> Abram commented that with telegraphy, station names and numbers weren't

> spelled out when copying and repeating train orders. His posting was very

> informative for this green operator.


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