Virginian in 1912--Strike

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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
February 14, 1912

Discuss Strike Tomorrow
"Dixie," the private car of the Virginian railway officials, which has been on the local yards for some days, was attached to No. 14 and went east yesterday evening. Aboard was James Burlingett, assistant general manager of the road who has been here for some days. It is understood that the purpose of Mr. Burlingett's visit at this time was to make himself acquainted with local conditions and place himself in proper condition to discuss the labor scale to be signed up at Norfolk on tomorrow. A committee of local machinists and boiler makers will leave this evening on No. 14 to take up the wage scale at Norfolk with the Virginian officials and endeavor to come to some agreement as to the rights of both parties and the wants of each. This is the aftermath of the late strike and whether or not there will be a continuation of the strike depends on what is done tomorrow at Norfolk.
Gordon Hamilton
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