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In the bible according to Prince some of the Z1A lasted into the mid 50's.
The latest scrapping I can find is April 1953 #1450.

John T. Lisica

P.S. Some of the Z1Bs lasted into 1957.

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I am not sure if this enquiry is aimed at historical N&W or modelling.

I am a member of the N&W Historical Society and at present I am trying to
find the number of the loco of the class of Z1a's that lasted the longest
before either scrapping or rebuilding with piston valve low pressure
cylinders, so I can put the "best fit" number on a brass HO scale Z1a model.
I am hoping at least one retained its slide valves into the late forties or
early fifties! Being in the UK I am some-what out of the loop when it comes
to research. I have at least 6 books on the N&W including N&W Giant of Steam
by Jeffries, but the above information has eluded me.

Can any-one help?

Thanks and regards,

Fred Bailey.

PS I am the engineer for a new build full size atlantic locomotive being
built at the Bluebell Railway in Sussex in the UK. Here is a link to our
part of the web site if any-one is interested.


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