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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
February 13, 1912

Misleading Information on Bulletin Board at Local Depot

For years the Norfolk and Western has been running trains to and from points in the coalfield marking them on time or late. Many times, trains which have been known to be several hours late have been marked on time while at others the time has been changed several times during a day or night with the result that the traveling public has suffered great inconvenience. The bulletin boards which are supposed to give information regarding the movement of trains are useless, as is known by those who visit the depot occasionally for the purpose of boarding trains.
Sunday, however train No. 2 was marked up one hour and twenty-five minutes late. People who went to the depot to catch the train left the depot to attend to other matters, believing the train would leave an hour and twenty-five minutes late, as scheduled. When the second visit was paid to the depot thirty minutes before the train was scheduled to leave it was found that the train had gone, and the bulletin board showed where the former marking had been erased and a new figure, "fifty-five minutes late," substituted. The result was that many people missed the train, among them Dr. E. H. Thompson, who had been called to Boone's Mills, Va., because of the illness of a relative, W. R. Davis, who had an appointment in New York Monday morning, and J. P. Morgan, who had planned a visit to Grayson and Carroll counties, while many others also missed the train, only those who remained in the disagreeable little station, or in the neighborhood, being on hand to catch the train when it did arrive.
Gordon Hamilton
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