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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
February 13, 1912

His Ankle Injured
Sunday Marvin Taber suffered a severe injury to one of his ankles when he jumped from an engine at Huger, just as it left the track. The engineer applied the air brakes in time to keep the engine from leaping over the bank into Elkhorn creek. This wreck caused some delay to trains until the engine could be put back on the track.

Don't Know Where He's Going
Last night a foreigner, who don't know where he's going, but is on the way, arrived in the city on train No. 17, from Glen Lyn. All he could say was that he came from Florence, Italy, and the word Trenton. It is supposed that he is on his way to Trenton, but the ticket agent at Glen Lyn was unable to make out what the man wanted so he sold him a ticket to Bluefield in the hope that in such a big city as Bluefield is there might be found some man who could really talk to the foreigner who understands no English, and cannot say anything but Trenton. The man was permitted to remain in the depot last night while officers made a search for someone who could act as interpreter.

Wreck Delays Traffic
Yesterday morning a freight wreck on the Clinch Valley division, near St. Clair, impeded passenger traffic with the result that a train had to be made up in this city and sent to St. Clair, where passengers from the Clinch Valley passenger train were transferred and brought to this city. Ten freight cars were off the track at that point, blockading the line for several hours.
[St. Clair is about three miles west of Bluefield, VA (previously Graham, Va.)]

Gordon Hamilton
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