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Thanks for the response, but the concrete train bridge in photo 3 is different from the trestle in photo 6 that I was inquiring about, so I still do not understand the use of the trestle. Was it used to supply cement to the concrete plant? It appears to be more heavy-duty than the bridge in photo 3 for the small concrete trains as though the trestle were designed to carry "big railroad" cars and locomotives to the concrete plant.

Gordon Hamilton
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In the first link, 6th photo down, there is what appears to be a railroad trestle down stream (the inlet to the turbine scroll case must be pointing up stream). Do you know what the trestle was for?

That's the trestle the carried the concrete trains across the river, shown in photo three. If you look at photo 5, you can see the derrick crane and the winch house on the cribbing inside the cofferdam, so you can get a point of reference. You are right, the view is looking downstream in photo 6, at that trestle, which based on the other pictures, must have been not too far upstream from where the Little River comes in there at the limestone quarry.

Bruce in Blacksburg


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